I reserved the palace to get my sister, our children and myself. The staff was fantastic and very careful. The area was amazing and the refrigerator was restocked everyday. The pool was amazing and we spent several hours of this afternoon there. Overall, the ceremony in Cozumel Palace was a few of the very best services I have ever needed. I’d certainly return.

Here is the fourth time we’ve stayed in the Cozumel Palace also it’s really a gem. We return every year to the wonderful island and the reef but what really has us coming is the exceptionally friendly and warm employees.

From the minute we arrive, Carlos is there to ensure our stay is ideal. Martha greets us every morning, actions Carlos keeps us moving and extending, Emmanuel makes sure we’ve got beverages each and every minute as we swim from the wonderful pools. Thank you for the cozumel mini submarine suggestions. We invite Darwin for organizing our actions, and all of the wonderful staff smiling and serving us in the grills at lunch and breakfast.

We do not know who does the slopes but, wow, we’re amazed and impressed every day. Nelson is our favourite excursion guide each and every year – we proceed on his tour every year despite the fact that it’s the exact same location – making it very enjoyable.

The meals in every one of the restaurants has been wonderful each and every evening. We move houses happy every time, we’ll return with more friends and loved ones!

There are a couple other staff members that actually stood out: Joel, the sommelier guided our wine options, I know I enjoy Chardonnay, Martha breakfast hostess constantly grinning along with a hug, Maria hamburgers a fantastic omelet, Teodore was the breakfast waiter, no waits for java, and Fili in the Italian restaurant won’t soon forget!

Loved this place. Last to be said however probably did the most for our team has been Jose Luisv – he rescheduled our spa treatments and reserved our tours and ensure we’re having a fantastic time! He ordered a few exceptional dishes.