I’ve been staying in this hotel for 3 days now, and I’m rather impressed. First off the meals in the restaurant is superb. We’ve eaten in a few restaurants in the city and the food by the way surpasses. My spouse had the fish with homemade pasta. It was likely the very best pasta we’ve experienced in years. All were fantastic. Each the staff are extremely accommodating and friendly.

I’m surprised that so few men and women are remaining here. Additionally, there’s a dive shop on site which makes easy diving accessibility. I must admit, I have stayed here before and have managed to dip with Pepe Scuba because they were always full up.

This season, on account of the mild clientele, I managed to go together. We want to go to boca paila fly fishing because our guide recommended it. The very first dive experience was fantastic! I’m signed up for 2 more dives and can add to them if there’s any other hand. The resort recently updated the pool, and it has added quite attractive white and black beach umbrellas in the form of starfish I believe. Anyhow, I’d definitely put this in your list of favorite restaurants and resorts for Cozumel.

The hotel hasn’t changed much in these years, and a few of the exact same friendly faces are still there and also make sure we have an excellent trip every time we remain.

We all greet us when we pull us say, “Welcome House,” and that is just how it feels. The sea is gorgeous in the north end of the island along with our opinion isn’t blocked with the cruise boat visitors on the southwest end. We like the laid back, older audience at the pool bar. That is our peaceful location!

We love the sea views from our large 2 bedroom suite, and each of their amenities is extremely clean. Each of the staff works really difficult to create your stay enjoyably, and the food at the restaurant is superb. My sisters and I journey with our mom, and they make us feel unique!

The resort’s dive store Pepe Scuba provided exceptional dive excursions to the region’s underwater gardens. Amazing experience here! My spouse has not been diving long, so was somewhat reluctant. That made the ship trips a great deal of fun. I haven’t seen this beauty! The marine and coral life from Cozumel’s reef parks really is astounding!