Update to the Royal level, and your own will be blown off with the additional perks and assistance. You have to eat in the excellent buffet for bar members and Royal decree on the shore daily or enjoy your own personal restaurant, La Corretta for breakfast, dinner or lunch. You get first selections for dinner reservations in restaurants.

They maintain the reservation amounts low for excellent service so reserve once you arrive. Fantastic staff. No demand for the water shoes in this hotel. Gardens and shows were so beautiful. Our only criticism is that we needed to return home following the most relaxing and intimate week and a couple of pounds heavier.

Highly suggest the private dinner on the shore for the excess cash. Anything we wanted that the staff did their very best to adapt quickly and into the best of the ability. The restaurant server recommended us a cozumel taxi tour if we wanted to see all the island.

We’ve stayed here 7 days today, and are impressed every time we encounter. I advise you to read my other reviews through time, plenty of excellent advice.
Should you seek reasons to enjoy your holiday, then you’ll see plenty here!!! I leave my two pennies worth this opportunity to say Thank you to all of the staff there which make our stay so relaxing and pleasurable year in, year out.

A particular thank you for the next – Nadia – you try your best to deal with our requests before coming and while we’re there. Jesus – Your really great soul and soul puts a grin on everyone face, old and young. Santos – Your type of nature and attention to detail sets you apart.

To the 2 women who run the royal pub workplace, sorry I forgot your titles, but won’t forget your help with anything we wanted.

The house is incredibly kept and lovely. The activities throughout the day and the night entertainment were exceptional, aggressive, and fun. The waitstaff for lunch and breakfast were personable and professional – particularly Crystal and Gabriella. But the real prize goes into Raina – most exceptional beach bartender in history! She was always fast, had a terrific memory, made us try new things, and continuously delighted! She’s an excellent asset to this hotel.